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Bromley Flat Roof Repairs

Bromley Flat Roof Repairs

If your property has a flat roof, then you may already be aware of the type of roof repairs they can require. Due to the nature of a fully horizontal roof, it can lead to different issues than say an apex roof. At Julian Roofing Services Ltd, we provide an expert service for anyone requiring Bromley flat roof repairs.

Our trusted and reputable roofing team have worked on a large number of flat roofs in the Bromley area, providing our customers with expert assistance when it comes to repairing and maintaining a flat roof. Whether you are the homeowner or the landlord, our team will work with you to provide repairs where necessary, as well as ongoing help keeping your roof safe and fully operational.

If you are experiencing an emergency roofing issue with your flat roof in Bromley, you may already know the damage it is causing to your property. In which case, acting fast is definitely recommended. You can get in touch with our friendly team of roofers in Bromley at Julian Roofing Services Ltd and we will prioritise visiting your property as best we can.

With all flat roof owners, we recommend an annual check to see if any repair work is needed. This helps maintain the roof and prevent larger issues from building up. You should also request an ad-hoc roofing check following any extreme weather as this may have caused issues to your flat roof.

Some of the most common reasons Bromley flat roof repairs are needed include:

  • Water ponding on the roof - this is due to the horizontal design, meaning the water does not run off quickly enough.

  • Natural wearing caused by exposure - all roofing material will wear out over time, including those used on flat roofs.

  • Flat roof leaks - common for a lot of roofs but more common here due to the ponding issue.

  • Flat roof material tears and punctures - whether it’s over time or from extreme weather such as storms, material on your flat roof can tear, leading to damage and issues.

  • A build-up of debris on the roof - this is more of a problem for flat roofs as there is less gravity pulling debris away.

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